Local Businesses Dressing Up for Halloween as Sexy Christmas

PHOTO: Vanesser III

ATLANTA, GA–Local retailers are decking the halls for Halloween again this year, in an attempt to extend the Christmas season as far into the public consciousness as possible as early as possible.

“We want people to buy as much of our crap as they can afford, and then max out their credit cards too,” said Evan Easer-Scrouge, store general manager. “If it were up to me, we’d start putting out tinsel and poinsettias on July the 5th.”

Easer-Scrouge said he felt lucky that his large store footprint gave him the space to sell Halloween costumes alongside Christmas decorations.

“Think of it as our Halloween costume, if you like. Bury the Thanksgiving turkey in tinsel. Who cares? There’s only one holiday around here, and that’s … well we can’t say the name of it because Corporate will fire us all but you know the holiday I mean.”