Last Peachtree Road Race Runner Almost Done Taking Selfies

PHOTO: Kevin Dooley

ATLANTA, GA–The very last Peachtree Road Race 10k participant on the course, Beki Dopson, has nearly finished taking photos of herself. Though Dopson started with the rest of the runners on the morning of July 4th, she says that the burden of accurately documenting her participation is making progress a challenge.

“Exercise makes you feel good,” said Dopson. “But making absolutely sure everyone in your sphere of social media influence is aware that you did exercise makes you feel even better.”

Dopson said she has been sleeping in hotels along the route, and dining at the many restaurants along Peachtree Road as she makes her way to Piedmont Park.

“Sometimes I have to take an Uber from my ending position backward along the course to the Intercontinental, but then I just get a ride back to where I left off in the morning,” she said.

When asked about her preparation regime for the 6.2 mile run, Dopson revealed some tips and techniques.

“I carry a lot of heavy weights in my right hand, so that it will stretch out a bit. A longer arm will mean I won’t have to carry this selfie stick next year.”