If Even One Snowflake touches Your Child, He or She Will Explode (A Poem)

PHOTO: Infowidget

We bring grave news of a terrible menace this morning, Atlanta. Deep in the underground archives of the Atlanta History Center we uncovered the following shocking pronouncement, penned in blood on a piece of vellum made from a snow-struck calf. The warning was written, most likely by a Witch Doctor, or at least a Witch Nurse Practitioner or Witch Postdoc.

There're flakes in the mountains, they flutter to ground,
And when they touch children, a terrible sound.
Be warned! If a child by this snow, should be kiss'd,
They'll explode, leaving only a pink colored mist.

The snow may be pretty, may lie like fine silk,
But nothing defeats it, except bread and milk.
If junior gets snowy, ye douse him at once,
Don't stand around gaping like-a bunch of dumb [expletive omitted].

We apologize for the implied expletive, but Witch Doctors/NPs/Postdocs are notoriously profane. In any case, just don’t let snow touch your kids is all we’re saying.