Game of Thrones Books Reader Assumes Role of Office Oracle

PHOTO: jayneandd

ATLANTA, GA–Avid reader Chad Reynard, 32 year old office manager at R&R Martinizing, never thought that his reading habits were anything more than a stopgap measure to fill the void in his life where romantic entanglements should be. But when the Game of Thrones television show rose to the chief topic of his coworkers’ conversations, his foreknowledge of the story line catapulted his office popularity. Some look upon him now almost as an office oracle.

“I have looked into the future, and I have the answers you seek,” said Reynard. “Except where the show differs from the books, which is bullshit.”

“It’s amazing,” said Jean Peters, comptroller. “We never really interacted much before, but now I relish every moment talking to Chad. His depth and breadth of Westeros knowledge is godlike. I don’t know how he does it.”

But Phil Terps, Vice President of Sales, says Reynard’s popularity will soon falter. “Oh sure, Game of Thrones is popular now, but it won’t last. Soon everyone will be talking about sports again, and The Terpinator will be back on top.”

Terps then chuckled and added, “I mean, how long can those books be? Like a hundred pages?”

As for Reynard, he says he’s hoping his new status will improve his love life, and thinking of changing the spelling of his name to “Cheyd.”

“The women of R&R Martinizing are under my thrall now,” said Reynard. “They seek the wisdom I provide, and they see that Westeros is chock full of raw sexuality. Hopefully they’re getting some ideas.”