Atlanta Man Honors Servicemen and Women by Getting DUI

What beer, officer? Oh, that one. PHOTO: Gamma Man

CUMMING–Atlanta area native Jerry Holmes honored our hard working American servicemen and women this Memorial Day by getting as “drunk as [he’s] ever been” and then operating a motor vehicle this weekend. He was arrested on his way to Target to pick up several of what he called “30 racks,” believed to be cases of canned beers containing 30 cans.

At the time of his arrest, Holmes resisted efforts to subdue him and place him in a patrol car, saying that the arresting officers were “against America” and “pinko commies.” Both Sherrif’s deputies were in the military previous to their jobs in law enforcement.

“Yeah, we tried to point that out, but he wasn’t having it” said John Darby, a Marine Sargeant. “He just kept shouting ‘America!’ and calling us commies. I haven’t laughed that hard in years.”

“In retrospect, I should probably not have gotten caught,” said Holmes, out on bail. “But when it comes to celebrating our heroes by drinking beer and eating all the burgers I possibly can, no one can touch my level of patriotism.”