Peachtree Tee Shirt Not Worth the Walk if it’s Rainy

Suddenly my lack of a training plan makes perfect sense. PHOTO: Chip Harlan

ATLANTA–The world’s biggest 10k footrace is held right here in Atlanta, Georgia every year on the 4th of July, drawing a handful of elite athletes, some more or less ambulatory human beings, and a multitude of walkers. Many of the latter group don’t even bother walking the whole six miles, sidling into the stream of runners somewhere in Midtown.

Why does anyone bother? Simple. The coveted Peachtree Road Race tee shirt is the answer. Though no one knows why the shirt is so prized, no one can dispute that it is.

Even so, Atlanta’s “runners” agree that even the best tee shirt isn’t worth being out in the rain.

“I have been training harder than usual this year,” said Steve Harbschdt, CPA. “I’ve been taking the stairs at the Chick-fil-a entrance instead of walking up the wheelchair ramp.”

Though no one can predict the weather, except for the lowly earthworm who strategically dies on sidewalks at the end of each storm, meteorologists agree that we will certainly have or not have weather Thursday morning.


  1. Ok, say what you want about the Peachtree. I’m walking it for the first time. After a training walk of 6 miles yesterday in the summer heat and humidity, I needed a shower and a change of clothes. On the 4th, with the promise of heavy rain, I can conveniently tuck a bar of soap and a flask of shampoo in my sleeve, shower as I arrive at the finish line, don my new t-shirt and pose afresh for pics. Looks like a win-win to me!

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