Local Man on Dating Site Works Hard, Plays Hard

Beer is the next best thing to success. PHOTO: Ronnie Meijer

ATLANTA — Though he reportedly “never thought [he’d] do this type of thing,” Buckhead resident Chris Holsbrook is now openly looking for love via a popular online dating website.

“I have a wide array of interests, and I don’t have trouble meeting people,” insisted Holsbrook. “But I’m getting tired of the bar scene, and the demands of my office management job and my five day-a-week Crossfit regimen make it hard to meet a quality girl, you know?”

In addition, Holsbrook’s friends all “promised that [he’d] love it.”

Despite the long hours he puts in each week, Holsbrook, an admitted “ESPN junkie,” reported that he “plays just as hard as [he] works.” After humbly acknowledging that he’s “not really good at writing about [him]self,” he went on to describe his personality as “pretty laidback and easygoing,” and his sense of humor as “extremely sarcastic.”

Holsbrook’s ideal woman reportedly “doesn’t take herself too seriously,” and is “as comfortable going out as she is staying in.”

“I guess you could say I’m looking for a partner in crime,” said Holsbrook.
“She doesn’t have to be a supermodel; just someone with a great smile who can carry on a conversation.”

Naming “intelligence” as his most important quality in a potential mate, Holsbrook described his dream girl as someone who “loves to laugh” and “has definite goals for her life.” As Holsbrook “isn’t into playing games,” his ideal match should be likewise “drama-free.”

“And if she happens to be a sports fan, well, that’s even better!” said Holsbrook.

In spite of initial reservations, Holsbrook has enjoyed modest success with his dating profile. At press time, he is making arrangements for a second date with Vinings resident Julia Heyworth, a self-described “total nerd” who “loves to travel” and daily reminds herself to “live, laugh, and love.”