Divorcee’s Crushing Holiday Depression Eased by Salt Life Window Decal


ATLANTA–When Burt Singer went on a vacation to Tybee Island last year, he had no idea that the “Salt Life” he lived there would be the one thing helping him get through the holiday season. Singer spoke to reporters from a mattress on the floor of an apartment in Smyrna.

“When Cheryl left back in October, I thought it was the end,” said Singer, a semi-professional poker player. “But when I fire up the PT Cruiser for a run down to the pawn shop to unload some old CD’s, I look into the rearview and I see that sticker, and I just think, yeah. I’m ok.”

Singer said the divorce was a shock, but he’s on the road to recovery thanks to thinking fondly about a fish he nearly helped a guide catch. “When our guide Paul handed that rod to me, and I felt that big fish on the line, it just put everything into perspective. Sure, I lost it, but that’s life. That’s me. Salt life.”

Singer’s estranged wife Cheryl pointed out via Facebook this week that the sticker was on the PT Cruiser when her former husband bought it used, but Singer says worrying about details like that is against his new philosophy.

“Salt Life doesn’t care who bought the sticker or when,” he said. “It’s a state of mind.”