Volunteer Hopes To Move Up to Cancer Charity After Doing Her Time in Heart Disease Charity

PHOTO: Joe Szilagyi

ATLANTA–Heart disease charity volunteer Cindy Burntle is hopeful that after a few years “grinding it out” with a local heart disease organization she can upgrade to a cancer charity. Burntle, 34 and mother of two, says she got started volunteering with her kids and stuck with it.

“Heart Disease is okay for now,” said Burntle, “I’m super passionate about it. But I want to make my way into the bright lights of a cancer charity within the next year or two.” According to Burntle, cancer charities get the most traction with donators as well as all the best locations for fundraisers.

Burntle’s current organization, Heart Felled LLC, recently held a charity golf tournament weekend that raised $504. She estimates a cancer organization could have commanded a much nicer golf course, possibly with a celebrity appearance. She said, “The problem with heart disease is, even though it kills a lot of people, when you die of it you’re just dead. You’re not hanging around for months or years where people can watch you waste away. For that reason alone, cancer has much better marketing.”

Cancer charity director Paula Feisswater says Burntle has a chance if she can build an following on social media — or, even better — contacts in the business community. “It looks like she’s well on her way,” said Feisswater. “In a few years she might be ready for the big show.”