Loudly Revving Engine Teaches Valuable Lesson to Local Cyclist

PHOTO: Robert Jackson, SixTwo Point of View

ATLANTA, GA–The loudly revving engine in a car driven by Pat Yent, 37, taught a very valuable lesson Saturday morning to area cyclist Seth Fairing, 42. The lesson was taught as Yent, who had been waiting to go around Fairing for well over seven seconds, finally reached a wider section of road. Yent then depressed the gas pedal of his car directly to the floor, loudly revving the engine and teaching Fairing an extremely important lesson.

“He really opened my eyes,” said Fairing. “The way his economy car screamed down the road as he passed me on my bike just put things in a whole new light.”

Fairing recently took up cycling in hopes of improving his fitness, resulting in a long, happier life. He says he’d hoped to spend the extra years gained from cycling, alongside better eating habits, with his loving wife and their children.

“That was before I caused Mr. Yent to be seven seconds late to the next stop light,” said Fairing, voice cracking with emotion. “I am just so, so sorry.”


  1. Oh…The Shame! I once had 2 cars waiting for half a block for me to get past a no-shoulder section of road…Boy what a life altering incident, they showed the same expression of their indignity forced to wait on a Non-motorized contraption…. so I waved to them as I passed them in the bike lane on the next block, as they were waiting on a left turning car….. Nice Day! I said… :)

  2. Nicely written Seth, I’ve experienced many similar situation over the year and have yet to share them with others. My take on your encounter is more than you causing this guy to be late by seven seconds, but even more absurd, is the fact that many drivers feel cyclists don’t pay road taxes and therefor don’t belong on ‘their’ roads! One way I can put this phenomenon into perspective is to remember, most cyclists are also drivers, but very few of these drivers are cyclist.

    thanks for sharing the experience Seth, maybe you’ll encourage other cyclists to share theirs.
    Paul Carew

  3. You know in the past month there have been multiple reports of ‘ACCIDENTS’ with serious injuries, deaths, involving children, pedestrians, truckers & other innocent victims. One was a family of 4 kids & the mother burned alive after being struck by someone that ran a stop sign. This needs to stop! Can someone with the skills please build a website to report serious accidents involving injury & deaths? Can we not have a place for Paramedics, Hospitals, Police Officers, Families etc. to report their losses? I am not talking about fender benders or parking lot mishaps but if this is happening Canada & U.S. wide then we need to have this in the face of Politicians regardless of what the auto industry, insurance companies or legal system policies are.

  4. Reminds me of my trip to NYC, I’m riding down Broadway, I stop at a light cars were all around me. The light changes and we all take off, the cars literally chirp their tires taking off. I’m riding along , they get to the next light and screech to a stop , I get to the light just as it changes and, chirp they’re off again, same thing all the way down the street, but nobody notices that the bike gut is just cruising down the street right with them.

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