It’s Time to Stop Pretending I Need Two Monitors

Really, who am I kidding? PHOTO: MrChrome

I only set this up in the first place because I found out Harkins Mutual was throwing away old computer gear. It seemed like a waste to let all those flat panels and desktop machines go, but now that I’ve had dual monitors on my desk for a few weeks, I am getting rid of the second one.

Everyone keeps stopping by my cubicle and being like “Oh, you must be working twice as hard, ha ha.” They bring it up in every meeting. “Oh, Steve’s got two monitors now, let him take care of that since he’s mister productivity.” I’m sick of hearing it.

I mean, they’re busting my balls, but they’re also right. I don’t need to look at my email at the same time as I’m browsing Facebook. I’m going back to one monitor.


  1. Maybe Steve is working on something simple. In my section, 5 of the 8 people use two monitors. I love my two monitors and I would upgrade to larger models if I could find them around the office somewhere. Often I find myself reviewing a report in a pdf, have the analytical tables open in Excel and have two past reports open so I can see the maps with the previous results displayed. Maybe Steve need to not care what other people think and use his two monitors if he thinks he is more productive with more visual real estate.

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