Clermont Lounge and Fernbank Announce Joint Exhibit: Triceratopless

Who's horny? This guy! Just kidding, he's an ancient skeleton. Boner! LOL PHOTO: mendhak

ATLANTA–The Clermont Lounge and Fernbank Science Center have announced a joint historical and erotic exhibit that will combine the majesty of ancient dinosaurs with the paleontological exhibits. The move comes as a surprise to the largely conservative patronage of the Fernbank, but Center spokespeople are optimistic.

“I was hanging at the Clermont late one night, transfixed by the swaying of what I thought might have been breasts, and it hit me.” said Dean O’Sawyer, spokesman for the Triceratopless program and Clermont Lounge regular. “No, seriously, a titty hit me. In the face.”

O’Sawyer says that lengthy mammary gave him an idea: combine his unable-to-look-away zeal for the Clermont Lounge with his lifelong passion for the gigantic ancient dinosaurs who once roamed the face of the Earth.

The exhibit will feature some of the Fernbank’s permanent collection, some borrowed items, and will have Clermont strippers bumping and grinding next to each of the larger pieces.

“I can’t wait to show off our bones,” said O’Sawyer. “I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but this is one of the greatest ideas that’s ever been had by anyone, ever. Like, up there with the New Deal and the Magna Carta and shit.”