Braves Hurry to Pack their Stuff Before City Comes Home from Work

We gotta get out of here fast.

TURNER FIELD–Atlanta Braves baseball players, in hopes of avoiding an awkward scene when the City of Atlanta returns from work later tonight, hurriedly packed bases, bats, and other baseball playing paraphernalia in order to ease their move to Cobb County. Though the full move won’t happen until 2017, the Braves are excited about the move and want to get as much as they can done without it being awkward.

“This is all on the level, and the city of Atlanta knows it’s over,” said Braves spokesperson Noah Moe Parkin, “But it would still be super awkward to do this right in front of the City’s face.”

The Braves realize it looks like someone’s been packing stuff around here, and made an attempt to put things back where they go as best they could.