Georgia GOP Suggests New Atlanta City Slogan: The City Too Busy to Ventilate

Photo by Javier Matheu on Unsplash

ATLANTA–Though COVID-19 has resisted GOP messaging thus far, state leadership are nevertheless optimistic that a new slogan for the state’s capital city of Atlanta could help turn the tide.

“Ivan Allen got a lot of praise for that ‘City Too Busy to Hate’ business back in the 60s,” said state GOP representative Buck “Realtree” Goatee. “We’re going to do the same.”

Goatee said that by suggesting that Atlanta’s business and social communities are simply too busy to catch the COVID-19 virus and thus end up on a ventilator, the state’s GOP leadership might be able to turn the tide against their biggest enemy: a sober regard for reality.

Critics of the plan have suggested that it’s impossible to be busy or to do any kind of business when one is incapacitated by the inability to breathe, but Goatee dismissed those claims as “socialism.”