Woman Attempts To End Relationship Via NPR’s StoryCorp

Coupled up and loving it! Well, one of us is.

ATLANTA–When Crystal Bahl, 23, drunkenly slept with with Jim Dandy, 19, after a college party, she had no idea that she was entering into a committed relationship.

“I had recently ended a long relationship and was on a kind of ‘sexual walk-about’ when I hooked up with Jimmy,” Bahl said.  “Ugh! I gotta stop drinking so much.”

She tried to end the relationship several times, but that didn’t stop Jim, a Georgia State University student, from calling Crystal every hour on the hour and sending her over 300 text messages.

At StoryCorp, Bahl told  Dandy her story of attending GSU after a long absence to complete her degree in interior design and finally what she could recall of meeting him at the party during a game of Flip Cup.  Dandy simply nodded and stared at her like a love struck puppy during the entire recording.

“Look, I’m 23 and don’t go to college parties but my friends convinced me to step outside of my comfort zone” Bahl said. “I just thought that would mean drinking cheap keg beer at a house party.”

Bahl says that after sobering up the next morning she realized she had made a big mistake when Dandy proclaimed his love over an awkward breakfast of sugary kid’s cereal.

Over the following days, Bahl tried to be nice and let Dandy down easy without success.  She avoided him after class and said she was busy whenever he cornered her and asked her out.

“He just wouldn’t take the hint. I  stopped answering his calls and messages but he was relentless,” Bahl said. “It was borderline stalking.”

Atlanta resident and NPR listener, Daphne Town, was moved by the Story Corp broadcast.
“It was refreshing to finally hear s Story Corp that doesn’t end with a happy ending. It’s a story of sadness and desperation.  I couldn’t stop crying,” Pope said.

After the broadcast on WABE 90.1, Atlanta’s NPR station, Dandy seems to have finally gotten the message.

“Well, he hasn’t called me TODAY,” Bahl said  just before finding a dozen roses and mix CD left on her doorstep.



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