Windy Break Retirement Home Activities Manager Adds Sexting Class

I'm looking to get some strange wrinkle.

MABELTON, GA–Nestled in the rolling Georgia countryside, the Windy Break retirement home is about to become a training ground for would-be elderly sexters. Martha Rusting, Windy Break Activities Manager, has added a “sexting” class to the curriculum for her elderly residents that she says will help spice up the lives of her active seniors.

“The fact is that our residents often still feel young at heart, and also feel young in their pants,” said Rusting. “But occasionally, hip injuries or balance issues keep them from fulfilling their needs as active adults. That’s where sexting comes in.”

Rusting says her class will cover basic cell phone operation as well as some general etiquette for suggestive selfies, but warns that residents who have trouble standing without effort should not attempt pants-down mirror shots.

“My job is to keep life as fulfilling and exciting for these seniors as I can,” said Rusting. “After all, they are our heritage. And in many cases, they really, really want to bang.”


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