Win a Free Unguided Tour of Criminal Records in the #Atlpunoff

Fabulous prizes!

We are proud to announce that iconic Atlanta record and comics shop Criminal Records has agreed to offer some truly fabulous prizes not only to the winners, but to each participant in our Great Atlanta Punoff on Tuesday, April 1! Surprize!

Here’s how the fabulous prizes break down.

Prize the First: Grand Prize

One grand prize winner will receive a button-free cotton body cover with art of Criminal Records’ choosing emblazoned upon it, meant to be worn on the upper half of a human body.

An example of a button-free cotton body cover on a human woman.
An example of a button-free cotton body cover on a human woman.
Please note that the image at right is not necessarily representative of the cotton body cover our grand prize winner will have the pleasure of claiming. It is merely meant to represent a cotton body cover in general.

Prize the Second: Consolation, Captain Almost

Buck up, first loser. You almost did it! If it were up to us, we’d forget your name forever at this point, but Criminal Records is a lot nicer than we are. They’ll give you a $10 gift card which you can use to purchase music or comics at their shop. You may then use those items to broaden your mind.

Which, you know, let’s be honest. That’s something you kinda obviously need.

Prize the Third: You have a heartbeat!

If you’re too thick even to get second place in our Great Atlanta Punoff, don’t worry. Criminal Records saves the day once again with a prize for all participants: a free unguided tour of their iconic Atlanta music and comics shop.

The shop in question, looking toward Euclid Ave
The shop in question, looking toward Euclid Ave
Yes, you heard that right. All participants in our Great Atlanta Punoff are eligible to claim a free unguided tour.

All you have to do is show up during their normal business hours, operate the door without giving yourself a concussion, and then you’re free to wander the wondrous aisles of the finest music and comics shop in Atlanta. Amazing!

Good luck, participants! We can’t wait to see how you represent your neighborhood with wordplay in our first-ever Great Atlanta Punoff!