Weiner Joins Dick Armey in Innuendo Party, Atlantans React


MIDTOWN — Rep. Anthony Weiner has joined Dick Armey in forming a new political party. Announced in a press conference this week, the Innuendo Party will, according to Armey, “Erect firm legislation and achieve Congress.” When pressed for details on the new party’s plans, Wiener intimated that there was talk of a dramatic swell “down south.”

“What we want is to get out our caucus,” he stated firmly. “We’d very much like to go in the back way by placing it somewhere challenging, such as Michigan.”

Weiner then added “Everyone knows… MI caucus is hard.”

When asked if they had not previously fingered Virginia, Armey concluded the press conference by saying “We are surging into Ohio even as we speak. It’s not easy, but we know we’ll be smiling in the end with our OH faces.”

Atlanta Banana reporters took to the streets to get local Atlantan’s reactions to the announcement.

Peter Strong, Lawyer — This is a firm stroke, but Weiner’s bent on his caucus. They don’t need MI, they need KY, and for that they need to get Santorum. But that’ll never happen without KY.

John Thomas, Anesthesiologist — I really don’t care if he’s a long shot; if he’s not greasing my palm, I won’t play his little caucus game.

Lo Wang, Hairdresser — Their polls are rising, but when push comes to shove, I don’t know who will come first.

Penisdong McBoner, Organist — I just can’t think of anything in this world as good as a Dick or a Wiener. If you have something better I’d like to see it.