White Blues Band Gives Crowd The Blues

Ah one and a two and a one two fart oops. PHOTO: Ralph Daily

ATLANTA, GA – A mixed crowd of approximately 30 patrons at “Fat Tony’s Rhythm & Q’s” was severely bummed out Thursday night after a music performance by a Caucasian Fort Lauderdale “Blues” band, Jimmy T and the Parrotheads.

The concert, part of the restaurant’s ongoing “Thursday Night BBQ & Blues” promotion, started promptly at 7:00 PM. Within ten minutes all of the present patrons, wait staff and management within Fat Tony’s were solidly in the despairing clutches of the “Blues”. Restaurant patron and regular Al Weathers described the scene as “embarrassing and soul crushing.”

“Everyone was eating, enjoying their food and the blues music over the sound system. It was a really positive atmosphere,” stated Weathers. “Suddenly this group of 5 white dudes all in their 50’s, wearing Hawaiian shirts, take the stage and launch into a medley of ‘Boom, Boom’ and ‘Cheeseburger in Paradise’. They clearly thought it was awesome and were having a great time, and we were brought lower than a Mississippi rattlesnake’s butthole.”

By their fifth song, Jimmy T and the Parrotheads had mostly emptied the popular Morningside BBQ establishment that normally seats 55. Fat Tony’s Manager Hank Roundtree approached the band and offered to still pay them their full fee if they would stop playing, but the band allegedly declined because they were “really feelin’ it” that night.

Legendary Delta Blues musician “Blind Willie” Mudcat was also in attendance that evening, having dinner before visiting a nephew. “I been playing the Blues for 50 years, and I ain’t never heard nothin’ so godawful as what them crackas was playin’”, said Mudcat. “That’s the first time I ever wished I was deaf, too. They done give me the White Blues Band Blues, so bad.”