WeatherBro: One Last Cold Snap Might Take A Giant Shit On This Weekend


I have a dog for one reason and one reason only: meeting chicks. But that only happens when the weather is nice. Chicks don’t like to be cold because all their clothes are small, like with straps instead of a normal shirt. Plus chicks have little dogs and they get cold easy too.

Only problem is, bro, the weather could lay a fat steamer right on this weekend with a cold snap. It’s fine for us bros because we can wear jeans and a North Face, but chicks have to go the leggings and North Face vest route. So they’re not going to be feeling it.

Really twists my nuts, you know? That first warm weekend in the park is so choice. And this could be it. But it might also not be it. Because that old bitch Martha Nature could drop trou and plop a deuce right on our weekend.

All right, well, we’ll see. We’ll get drunk no matter what, but, like, I mean, damn. You know? Damn.