We Get It! You’re On Vacation! App Now Available for iPhone & Android Devices

Here, let me take a decent photo of you and then shit it up with some of these photo filters.

ATLANTA–Narcissus Games & Software, Inc. announced on Thursday the release of their new We Get It! You’re On Vacation (WGIYOV) App for Android, iPhone and iPad devices.

With simple functionality and an attractive user interface, WGIYOV allows you to share your mundane vacation photos, that are only amazing because you’re someplace other than where you live, with friends on a smaller level than Facebook or Twitter.

“When I’m sitting in my cubicle on a Tuesday, your Facebook feed of landscapes and meals you’re eating on vacation can really be annoying,’ said Tony Vallar, whose friend Stacy is on a trip to California. “Now I only have to see them if I decide to open the WGIYOV app on my smartphone.”

“Friends want to share pictures of that beach sunrise or that incredible sushi dinner,” says Bill Williams, CEO of Narcissus. “We’re helping you do it in a less annoying way by only showing them to your friends who opt-in on the WGIYOV mobile platform.

Williams says this sort of “targeted bragging” has proven to be more popular than the barrage of check-ins and photos you get from other social media.  “You may be friends with the girl from high school who had a baby at 19 for the entertainment value, but you don’t want to see her pictures from the Daytona Beach Olive Garden,” says one participant in a focus group.

The notion of encouraging users to limit the number of people they interact with runs contrary to every other social media platform, but developers at Narcissus believe that advertising that you’re a blowhard is best in small doses amongst friends that give a shit.

“Facebook is about making connections.  We want our members to keep those connections.”, said Williams. “Or at least keeping those connections from rolling their eyes at you behind your back.”

Vallar hopes that more of his friends will adopt WGIYOV for their upcoming trips. “Hey, Stacy is eating something off another food truck somewhere. Alert the fucking media!” he told reporters just before jamming a pen into his thigh.


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