We Impressed Comedian Barry Rothbart With Atlanta’s Film and TV Production

Hello I am from NYandLA wherever that is.

Barry Rothbart is a standing up comedian who lives in a forgotten podunk by the name of “NYandLA,” but he’s hit the big time. That’s right: Atlanta! We briefed him on our extensive Atlanta film and TV production, which is something people from NYandLA have yet to work out. Maybe someday!

Mr. Rothbart is recording a comedy album this weekend with our friends at The Laughing Skull.

AB: Hello, Barry Rothbart. You’ve decided to bring your standing up comedy show to Atlanta. What makes you think you’re ready for the big city?

BR: Hello! Thanks. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been to Atlanta a couple of times, but I split my time between NY and LA so I’m kind of into city life.

AB: Well, just so you know we shoot movies here in Atlanta now. And TV as well.

BR: That’s great! We shoot a lot of movies in LA and NY too.

AB: Oh, stop it, Barry Rothbart. We shoot the big stuff here. Classics like “What to Expect when You’re Expecting.”

BR: Didn’t pretty much everyone hate that?

AB: And recent classics like “Wolf of Wall Street.”

BR: That was shot in New York.

AB: You liar. How dare you? Who told you that?

BR: I was in “Wolf of Wall Street.”

AB: We have no appropriate remark here.

BR: I also get to do a lot of TV.

AB: Oh! Well, we have both kinds of TV here: Turner and Tyler Perry.

BR: I think you might be leaving out a few shows.

AB: Oh you know so much now, huh? Did you know Craig Ferguson is leaving his show? Did you know Conan is really tall? Did you know Adam DeVine from Workaholics has his own show now?

BR: I did know those things. And I have been on all those shows.

AB: Well. We, uh. We’ll come see you do standup then.

BR: Thanks, I’d like that.

Check out Mr. Rothbart at the Laughing Skull all this weekend. Ask him if you can be in Wolf of Wall Street 2! He has control over that sort of thing. Don’t let him lie to you. Bring a headshot!

Here he is saying jokes on Craig Ferguson!