Vote Now For Your Atlanta City Council District to Make It Into Our Coveted Best Of Top Twelve List!


That’s right, Atlanta! We want your clicks and likes and meaningless social media whatever SO BAD that we’re running a contest to see which of our Atlanta City Council Districts makes it into our coveted TOP TWELVE.

Just click here to select your city council district, then share fifteen of our articles on Twitter with instagrams of you next to your computer screen with our logo completely visible. Next, make one facebook post per day extolling our virtues for an entire month.

Last, but certainly not least, sleep with one of our writers — or a local standup or improv comic of your choice — then form a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with that person. Consider adopting a child and settling down in your chosen district with that person. Name the child “Banana” regardless of gender.

We will distribute plaques of dubious quality to the council districts, which can be hung prominently in a public park.

It’s that simple! Your chosen district could be in our COVETED TOP TWELVE LIST! Click and like and fave and couple up and procreate!