Tyler Perry Frantically Begins Filming “Madea in Korea” Trilogy

PHOTO: Tyler Perry Studios

ATLANTA–Rumors on the street say movie magnate Tyler Perry is frantically at work on a new trilogy, “Madea in Korea,” which will debut “as soon as we can possibly slap it together” according to an unnamed source. The source, close to Perry, says the new films will take no-nonsense Madea to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to discover the source of the Sony hack which has the media and the movie business in an uproar.

Perry confirmed the movie rumors on set this morning. “We knew as soon as we saw all the press Franco and Rogen are getting that Madea had to travel to Korea,” said Perry, hurriedly donning a grey wig and cotton dress.

“Now if you will excuse me,” said Perry, concluding the brief press conference, “I must get my sass on.”