Tweet Slams Comment on Blog Post that Destroys Video of Humans Going The Fuck Outside

That's not how you do it. PHOTO: MAClarke21

MAYBE EUROPE–Rose Pennyworth, 53, had no idea at the time that when her husband Nigel Pennyworth, 64, recorded a video of her feeding ducks, a firestorm of controversy would rage through several forms of communication among people who, themselves, rarely, if ever, go the fuck outside.

Mr. Pennyworth uploaded the video of his wife to YouTube so that it could be viewed by his grandchildren, Seth, 6, and Anna, 4. But the family video, publicly viewable to the entire Internet, soon came under fire., an internet blog site detailing proper care and feeding of ducks run by Chad Beas, 32, reposted the video with a devastating critique of Ms. Pennyworth’s feeding technique, saying “Just look at her poor wrist form.”

A commenter known only as BigBillPhil then decimated the blog post in a comment with the words, “Your [sic] an idiot,” which led contributor Dan Finbaum to utterly obliterate BigBillPhil by tweeting “Well here’s someone who knows fuck-all about ducks #idiot.”

As of press time, none of the internet users mentioned in this article had gone, or made plans to go, the fuck outside.