Trump Promises Khaki Suit and Red Armband Merely “Fashion Choices”

PHOTO (orig): Michael Vadon

ATLANTA, GA–A press release sent this morning by Donald Trump’s campaign office promised that the khaki suit and red armband he’s been seen wearing lately are merely “fashion choices,” and not, as some have claimed, just another step toward his eventual resurrection of the National Socialist party. Trump’s detractors say the candidate has also been seen raising a straightened arm in a Nazi salute from time to time.

“Look, no one’s saying he’s not been raising his arm in a salute just like the Nazis did,” said campaign manager Joseph Garbles. “He has. It’s just stretching, though. It’s a medical thing. He has bursitis.” Garbles then demonstrated the movement and rubbed his shoulder for emphasis.

“As for the khaki suit and red arm band, those are just fashion choices. So chill out and stop acting like a bunch of dang Muslims before we toss you in a camp for the rest of your … well anyway just stop.”