Topless Activist Spreads Awareness of Self

Carlie Poobs claps along hoping someone will take a picture of her nudity. PHOTO: David Shankbone, Flickr

ATLANTA–Carlie Poobs, actress and part time telemarketer, has announced a new foray into the political arena this week by removing her shirt and writing slogans on her topless body to raise awareness that she is attractive.

“I just think, you know, that corporations are important, like me” said Poobs, whose body bore some anti-wall-street wording. “Is that camera on? It’s not pointing at me the right way.”

Reporters pointed out that Poobs was indicating a nearby workman’s lunchbox, not, in fact, a camera of any kind.

“Well point it at me anyway just in case,” she said.

When pressed for details about the cause she was supporting, Poobs was unable to produce any details other than her own facebook page.

“I think people can figure that shit out for themselves, you know? I mean, the important part of this whole thing is that my breasts are visible and it’s for a good cause and I’m available also for film and print work.”