Tom Berenger: “‘American Sniper’ reminds me of ‘Sniper’ & ‘Sniper 2’ & ‘Sniper 3’ & ‘Sniper Reloaded’ & ‘Sniper Legacy'”

PHOTO: Frantogian

HOLLYWOOD–Actor Tom Berenger lit up the Twitterverse yesterday by tweeting that recent blockbuster “American Sniper” reminds him of the “Sniper” series of movies he’s been starring in for over ten years, which are, according to the actor, “out on DVD.”

American patriots remember that “Sniper” (1993) cast powerhouses Billy Zane and Tom Berenger, who worked to eliminate a Panamanian rebel leader. This is in stark contrast to “Sniper 2” (2002) where the target is a Serbian general, and “Sniper 3” (2004), in which it was a drug dealer in Ho Chi Minh City. “Sniper Reloaded” (2011) shook audiences to their cores when the target was another sniper. Last, but far from least, “Sniper Legacy” (2014) was a roller coaster of emotional plot twists too complex to summarize here, but, according to sources, featured “more than a little sniping.”

Some moviegoers are commenting privately that entire sections of director Clint Eastwood’s recent release “American Sniper” stray completely from the book of the same name and are lifted directly from the “Sniper” series.

Mr. Eastwood is well known by Mr. Berenger to be a longtime fan of Mr. Berenger’s work, and was rumored, also according to Berenger, to have asked for Berenger for the lead role in “American Sniper.” Unfortunately, the studio forced Eastwood to go another direction.

Mr. Berenger’s agent issued a statement saying, “Mr. Berenger is unable to respond at this time as he is attending Direct-Con, a convention held yearly at the McDonough, GA. Howard Johnson for movies that are released direct to video,” adding that all of his client’s films “are available on DVD, VHS and most likely at a gas station near you”.

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