Three More Genius Titles from the Religious Freedom Bill’s Writer’s Room


ATLANTA, GA–The Religious Freedom bill’s title is a triumph of modern legislative title writing, but did you know that many other bills with equally helpful and engaging titles have never seen the light of day?

The Atlanta Banana is proud to have gained unprecedented access to the Title Barn, writer’s room where the bill’s name was forged.

“A great title not only describes a bill’s intent, but grabs headlines,” said Title Barn Director Joey Gurbels. “The Religious Freedom bills, or as we call them around here, the ‘re-frys’ are just a small part of our portfolio.”

Gurbels provided a list of some of the Title Barns greatest, but lesser-known hits.

Spousal Fungibility Initiative
“We worked long and hard to help make it more socially acceptable for elected officials to enjoy freedom from restrictive spousal agreements,” said Gurbels. “Especially in cases where the replacement spouse’s services are only needed for a short time, and there’s a remunerative component.”

Ultra-Focused Home-Challenged Pet Encouragement
“With this one we hoped to help make it legal for citizens to direct a foot-based encouragement initiative toward any home-challenged pets they might encounter,” Gurbels said. “Even if they’re encountered inside a neighbor’s fenced back yard.”

Baby’s First Flight Act
“This is one of my favorites,” said Gurbels. “That’s the one where we’d make it legal to place under-performing babies into a trebuchet.” According to Gurbels, the babies are then treated to some basic principles of Newtonian mechanics. “Very impactful,” he added.