This Is Not This Is Atlanta S1 E2 – Name Change and MARTA Meeting


Well, we blew it. We named our podcast the exact same thing as a show that already exists on PBA. Oops. Oh well. We turned to you for suggestions and you responded brilliantly. Thanks gang. Sorry about that, PBA. Thanks to twitter follower and real This is Atlanta producer @otherjackwalsh for the heads up.

Also in this episode we listen in on a MARTA meeting from the early 70s, back when racial insensitivity was still a problem. Not like now, when we’ve all grown up past that, right? RIGHT?!

Join us for our next live recording Sept 25th at MINT gallery!

Thank Yous for this episode

  • Leanna Adams – performer
  • Corey Bradberry – informer, you no say daddy me Snow me I’m no blame. I licky boom boom down.
  • Rob Lawhon – (banned from the Internet for not dumping ice on himself)
  • MINT gallery – Henry Detweiler, Candice Greathouse, Jessica Kolvin and Charlie Snider
  • Travis Broyles – Eater of chewed Grant Park gum
  • David Young, sound recordist
  • Tunefruit – for our excellent theme music