This Is Atlanta S1E01: Opium and Snowcockalypse


In this inaugural episode of Atlanta’s only podcast, we explore the history of our downtown viaducts, and the hallucinogenic properties of opium. We then join the public radio show Sounds Heard In Town where artists discuss their lewd drawings in the snow during 2014’s Snowcockalypse.

Join us for our next live recording at MINT gallery August 21st!

Thank Yous for this episode

  • Leanna Adams – performer
  • Corey Bradberry – reformer
  • Rob Lawhon – (banned from the Internet for not taking enough photos of his meals)
  • MINT gallery – Henry Detweiler, Candice Greathouse, Jessica Kolvin and Charlie Snider
  • Travis Broyles – reader of poems to small dogs
  • Mike Albanese – a hilarious comedian
  • David Young, sound recordist
  • Tunefruit – for our excellent theme music

Written, Directed and Produced by James Hodgson@jimhodgson