This Is Atlanta Live Show

Editor is latin for "editor."
Editor is latin for “editor.”

We’re looking for a space to hold a live show! Our love of Atlanta and its rich history will combine with our humor addiction to produce a delicious stew suitable for any eyeballs or earballs. We’re calling it “This is Atlanta.”

“This is Atlanta” will be a live radio show, reminiscent of the venerable “A Prairie Home Companion,” but all about Atlanta’s history, foibles, and transportation infrastructure missteps. It’ll be written by some of the funniest people in the city, and feature live music and a miniature catapult that launches poisonous snakes into the crowd.

Just kidding about the catapult. It needs a bit more fine tuning (too rough on the snakes).

The first episode is already written: we will tell the story of Atlanta’s birth as Terminus. We have lots of theatre and performance experience. Now all we need is a place to put this puppy on! Help us think of a place.

The ideal live space would have:

  • Low Cost – We could afford to pay a little bit for a space, but not tons. Our money tree has been struggling this winter, probably because of the snow.
  • Good Sound – We want to record our show for release as a podcast in addition to the live show. We have folks with strong audio knowledge so we’re flexible, but an echo chamber would make things tough.
  • Booze – We want people to laugh and enjoy themselves as much as possible. Plus beer is delicious.
  • A Love of the Arts – And by that we mean we need a place where we can hold the show for a while as we build it. We have no doubt it’ll be a success, but success takes time. We’re more CĂ©zanne than Picasso like that.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any thoughts: or (404) 492 9692.