The Atlanta Banana Has Been Purchased!

Editor is latin for "editor."

The Atlanta Banana is proud to announce that after just over a year in existence we have been purchased by a corporate entity with the financial backing to take our game to the next level.

Effective April 1, News Corporation, owners of such popular news outlets as Fox News, will be supporting our efforts going forward. This is great news for our staff writers, as it means they’ll be getting paid a significantly increased pittance.

As part of the deal, News Corporation will be lending us the ear of some of their high profile producers and writers, helping to mold and shape our content.

For example, here are some stories you’ll be seeing in the coming weeks from us:

  1. Why Women Love Legislation About Their Gross Bodies
  2. When Gays Marry They Become Vampires
  3. How To Build a House Out of Guns
  4. Read the Bible Every Day, Forget the Peace and Love Parts
  5. Taxing Rich People is Wrong Because Most of Them Are White

We can’t wait to cash our first paychecks. Thanks so much to News Corporation and the writers from Fox for their help!