Ten Programs Also Reduced by GSU


You may have heard that Georgia State has reduced its student run radio stations hours to just 10 overnight hours on air, leaving the rest to be broadcast over the internet. Outrage fetishist students are up in arms that they were not asked for their opinions on the business deal, and were ready with stern tweets and passive aggressive links to make their feelings known.

Amid the outrage, GSU quietly reduced other programs on campus. Let the Facebook posts with photos of us holding up signs begin immediately so we can bring back these crucial offerings!

  • People Who Still Party at Underground Meetup and Pandhandle
  • Horse and Cart Commuters
  • Bloodletters Health Symposium
  • Sarcastic Telegram Writer’s Group
  • Dealing with Scurvy
  • Quill Nib Whittling
  • Sherman Had It Right Pizza Night
  • Tobacco Only Pipe Smokers Grouse Roast
  • Gas Lights in Dorm Rooms Now!
  • One Inch Above The Knee Bathing Suit Swim (Ladies Only)

We have begun a petition to raise awareness for the hundreds of petitions that these causes will require, so get ready to retweet, everyone. We will prevail!