Stone Mountain Wouldn’t Mind A Little Occupation


STONE MOUNTAIN VILLAGE — Stone Mountain released a statement today to announce that they wouldn’t mind a little occupation, as long as people are occupying things.

“We understand that the Occupy Atlanta protesters have been asked to leave the downtown Atlanta area, and we would like to extend our lovely Stone Mountain Village as an alternate place to play drums and go to the bathroom.”

It’s not clear what has motivated city leaders to reach out to the Occupy movement, but sources close to city officials say that it would be nice to get anyone at all to come to Stone Mountain Village for any reason whatsoever.

“Look,” our anonymous source confided, “There’s no one here. At all. I mean, we let bag pipe dudes practice right off the square in a church parking lot, if that tells you anything.”



  1. Hmm…I’ve heard this somewhere before…I believe this was stated first by the King of Stone Mountain himself, yes? To several of his close circle/loyal subjects…

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