Special Report: Snow Storm 2014


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Hello Atlanta. James Hodgson here. Publisher, Editor-in-Chief and social pariah/intern at The Atlanta Banana. I’m speaking to you directly this morning because it is imperative that we find someone to blame besides ourselves for the snow storm gridlock of 2014.

There are those in the city who will point out that Atlanta has had chance after chance to vote for transportation reform. They will say that time and again, metro area voters?’ voices rang out, saying: “Fuck that!” [expletive deleted]

The people who say you and I are at fault are doodoo. We must not listen. The thinking media consumer knows that blame lies with a person, and that person is whomever we can get in the studio.

If Kasim Reed will come to the studio, we must blame him. If Governor Deal is giving a press conference, it’s his fault. If Baton Bob twirls past a video camera, ask him why his baton doesn’t spew gravel and road salt.

Atlanta, the answers are never easy. True, millions of people who aren’t used to driving on snowy ice were on the road during Tuesday’s rush hour. But we cannot allow this tragedy to be no one?s fault, or even all of our faults. If we do that, Atlantans might stop watching our programs and reading our tweets.

If I may quote the TSPLOST voters on that score, “Fuck that!”