Skyview Atlanta Ferris Wheel Offers Unprecedented View of Tabernacle Roof

Ever wanted to get a good look at an air conditioning unit? PHOTO: Jamie Kohns

ATLANTA–The Skyview Atlanta Ferris wheel is now open in a parking lot adjacent to the Tabernacle, which is a former place of worship turned current place of worship. The wheel’s 200ft height offers riders an unprecedented view of the roof of the Tabernacle, including rain gutters, shingles, and some climate control equipment.

“We weren’t making money with this stupid wheel in Paris or Pensacola,” reported Ron Androndwego, part owner. “We figured we might as well give Atlanta a shot.”

The wheel’s $14.45 adult ticket price offers up to 6 riders 15 minutes in a climate-controlled gondola from which they’ll enjoy views of Centennial park rivalling those available from the lower floors of nearby buildings, or possibly the upper floors of a medium sized parking deck.

“Hopefully we can get some Atlanta folks to pony up,” said Androndwego. “That’ll help us make our case to a real city, like Boston or Chicago maybe.”