Atlanta Explained Show Notes & Audio – Jan 30 w/guest Andisheh Nouraee


Our show at Village Theater rolls on, thanks to the hard work and cooperation of the brilliant actors and staff there. It’s a great pleasure to be working with them, we can’t thank them enough.

On this show we touched on State Bill 254, which would make being caught with marijuana a misdemeanor in Georgia if it be came a law (it won’t). We also checked in with some local religious outreach efforts, and attempted to unravel the mystery of how “religious freedom” means “telling people who love each other they can never marry.”

Here’s the monolog, given by your host Jim Hodgson, with writing help from Chris Clabo and Travis Broyles (of Thank You for Stopping By).


We were pleased to welcome Andisheh Nouraee for this Atlanta Explained show. Host Jim has been a fan of Andisheh’s since reading his column “Don’t Panic! Your War Questions Answered” in Creative Loafing years back. Andy is now the social media manager at Care, a humanitarian organization that seeks to “serve individuals and families in the poorest communities in the world.”

Thanks to all who came out, and come see us at our next show Feb 27th!