Light Hearted Copywriting

320px-MacBook_AirMany of our regular contributors are professional copywriters. Others are standup comedians who can barely spell their own names, but we’re all hilarious. If you or your business have need of some lighthearted copy, email the editor at or read on for more information.

Our staff have written print articles for Creative Loafing, Georgia Music Magazine, as well as blog posts for Scoutmob, and Some of our frequent contributors are cast members at legendary Atlanta improv group Dad’s Garage. We know how to be funny.

If your project calls for a bit of humor, we can handle it, whether “it” be a funny video, blog post, or newsletter. Your message deserves to be heard, and it is much more likely to reach the right ear if it is wafted upon a lush carpet of levity.

Completed Projects

logoNew2The team asked us to write over 500 jokes for their mountain biking and hiking mobile apps. We happily obliged, penning several jokes for each U.S. state and Canadian province. The project was a challenge due to the volume of jokes that had to be written, but also because the jokes needed to be funny without being insulting. we were proud to be able to walk that fine line.

When you download the Singletracks or Tripleblaze app on iTunes and check in at a trail. You’ll earn a badge and get a little morsel of comedy from us.