SCIENCE: Great A’Tuin, World-Supporting Turtle, Has Flown Away Into Space

PHOTO: Luigi Novi

DEEP SPACE–Astrophysicists and lovers of science are deeply saddened today to announce that Great A’Tuin, the enormous space-faring turtle of the species Chelys galactica, upon whose back stand the four great elephants that support our world, has flown away into deep space and disappeared. Also gone are the elephants.

As for what this means for us, who are now floating through empty space without the support of these celestial animals, few can say.

Georgia Tech’s Archchancellor of Indetectable College, Mustrum Ridcully, spoke briefly on Great A’Tuin’s disappearance, amid cries that common sense dictated that our world could not possibly have ever rested on the backs of four great elephants who were standing upon an even greater turtle.

“Those who wish to tell us how we should think, and sometimes that we shouldn’t even think at all, must be ignored,” said Ridcully. “Now he’s gone and no one’s sadder than I am. I think we could all do with a bit of lunch.”