Roundup: Creative Loafing’s got Claws, the Archbishop’s Accidental Mansion, and the Banana on GPB

PHOTO: Bill Nigut/GPB

Creative Loafing’s Got Claws

Yesterday was the first day in April, a day when people who aren’t used to being funny give it a swing anyway, sometimes with less than desirable results. If you are used to being funny all year, you can take April Fools’ day off and just do something silly for fun.

If you run a print media outlet and you’re not used to being funny, there are two obvious jokes you can employ on April 1. The most obvious joke is to scare your readers by claiming to have been purchased by a big distasteful corporation of some kind. In the Loaf’s case, that would hit a bit too close to home, because they already were.

Instead, they went with obvious joke number two: “we’re erecting a paywall.” Now, to be fair, this isn’t that bad a joke, given that AJC beats their please-go-behind-our-paywall drum every day with even more glee than they report overnight deaths, but CL went a step farther. They let us know what they really think about AccessAtlanta.


The Archbishop’s Accidental Mansion

It seems Catholic Archbishop Wilton Gregory netted himself a $15M windfall from Margaret Mitchell’s nephew, and employed $2M of that to build himself a fancy mansion. Now he says that was a lapse of judgement. Oh yeah?

We’re no strangers to lapses in judgement around here, but the longer a lapse goes the less excusable it is. Anyone who has ever worked in or around home construction of any kind knows it takes a long time. You don’t hit the booze hard on Friday happy hour and wake up Saturday morning in an Maison D’Oopsie.

That’s going to be a pretty sweet episode of MTV Cribs: “and this is where the magic happens.”

The Banana on GPB

It was awfully kind of Georgia Public Broadcasting to ask our founder, James Hodgson — who is absolutely not writing about himself in the third person right now — to appear on Georgia Public Broadcasting’s news show On The Story to talk about humor in Atlanta.

The anchors, Bill Nigut and Bobbie Battista, both have a list of credits miles longer even than our writer’s meeting bar tabs, and to get to sit next to the hilarious Rob Cleveland was a great honor.

Thanks so much, all! We’ll have a link to the show once it gets on the tubes.