Racism Still a Huge Problem in Ameri- Holy Shit a Facebook Redesign!

LOL there's a new FB design! PHOTO: Facebook

Oh, man, that was close. I almost spent a full 24 hours pondering the social issues with which our society struggles, but I just signed into Facebook this morning and POW! Total new redesign! You’d think that we Americans, who are so proud to contribute culture in all forms to the rest of the world, would be above simply discounting people who are of a different race than us, but… holy shit they moved the FB notification thing over to the right! That is insane!

Oh, dang. I just got used to the old Facebook design, where the notifier thing was on the left. I’ll probably screw that up once or twice. Just forgive me if I accidentally click the wrong thing and I end up ignoring your friend request or something, okay everyone?

Remember when you are searching for me, it’s Pete Westebron, with an “e” in the middle. Not “Westbron” with no “e.”

I just really want to find a way to broadcast to everyone the crushing weight I feel when I think about societal issues that are too big, and apparently too entrenched, for one man to even comprehend. You know? Like, what can I even do to begin to help?

LOL, here’s a photo of my breakfast! Aaaand a quick pic with the caption “My office today,” even though it’s just my laptop out on the rooftop deck. You can see the skyline behind it. Sweet!

Feeling better already. Later I’m gonna post some famous quotes! Things that don’t kill us make us better, you know? I think Frederick Douglass said that.