Punches Thrown During Punch Line In Line at Punchline

Hey, let's just hurt each other with our comedy, okay? PHOTO: Amelia Zenerino

ATLANTA — At The Punchline on Wednesday, a skirmish broke out and two men threw punches while waiting in line for the bathroom. The fracas occurred during comedian Shleppy Spleen’s comedy act, ruining the end of one of his jokes about life experiences specific to his ethnicity.

The fight took place between two former friends and roommates, Kyle Davies and Geoffrey Longfellow. The two had regularly attended the club, but had recently begun resorting to constant brawls after Davies’s cat mysteriously fell out of Longfellow’s car while he was driving on I-75.

Punchline employee Ezekiel Clementine said, “They’re always here,” in regards to Davies and Longfellow. “And they’re always fighting. They fight more than a Tea Party member and a lesbian hipster.”

When asked what they fought about this time, Clementine said, “I don’t know and I don’t care.”

In fact, no one around the club has any idea what the fight was about, and neither do the two participants.

“I think he said something about my sister,” said Davies.

Longfellow said, “Chocolate milk, maybe? Yeah, I think it was chocolate milk.”

There is an ongoing investigation into how Davies’s cat fell out of the car while Longfellow was driving. Longfellow claims the cat was suicidal.

But Davies was in the car and said Longfellow was “laughing like Dr. Evil” when he rolled the window down and tossed the cat into 75-mile-per-hour traffic.

“And,” said Davies, “just before he throws Mr. Scruffles out the window, he says ‘Don’t worry. It has cat-like reflexes.’”

As for how the cat fared on the highway, Davies said: “It got hit by a semi truck. Then just kind of… exploded.”