Profile Pic Shows Bigot Error of his Ways


ATLANTA–For those who my not have the time or inclination to demonstrate in support of causes they favor, there is good news. Merely changing your Facebook profile picture may have the power to change the minds of anyone who sees it. Local bigot, Miles Sanderson, spoke with the Atlanta Banana this morning about his change of heart.

Said the bigot, “Well, I just logged onto my Facebook account, and what do I see but four of my 20 so-called ‘closest friends’ have changed their profile pic to an equals sign. It really made me think, you know? Maybe them gays ain’t so bad.”

“That, or these folks might be in favor of equal opportunity housing,” continued Sanderson. “Or are they just math nerds? I think it’s the gay thing, though.”

Sanderson, formerly a staunch opponent of marriage equality thanks to his belief that a man who lives in the sky and loves everyone said “No deal,” is as surprised as anyone.

“I remember the days when you had to take to the streets to be considered an activist,” he said. “This profile pic thing just kinda snuck under my radar.”

Dr. Moren Gladwater, PHD, head of the Facebook Institute for Science and Technology, has confirmed that profile pics have great power to affect change.

“Let’s face it, people are busy,” said Dr. Gladwater. “It’s Spring now, the Walking Dead finale is this weekend, not to mention the Game of Thrones premiere. Changing a profile pic is the most people have time for.”

As of press time, formerly-bigoted Miles Sanderson was considering a bit of gay marriage himself.

“I always wondered how that might work,” he said. “Maybe now I’ll get to try it out.”