Police Accidentally Respond to Animal Shelter, 39 Dogs Killed

Photo: Nhandler

DECATUR, GA–Police responding to a call of “possible suspicious activity or lack thereof” near, or inside, a “building” rammed a twelve ton tank through the back door of a Dekalb animal shelter and began shooting dogs they believed to be a threat. 39 animals were killed inside their enclosures.

Two officers, who entered the premises using explosive shape charges on the unlocked front door, were injured when the blast startled them both, causing them to shoot one another.

“We regret that we or may not have entered the wrong building,” said John Rambeaux, Decatur PD spokesman, “but the fact is that officers may not get a chance over their whole careers to shoot a human, so we shoot dogs whenever we can. Because, uh, safety.”

Animal shelter employees say that the officers took over an hour to systematically shoot the dogs, even using a tablet computer and a spreadsheet application to make sure they were all dead.

“Some officers arrived late and were forced to shoot already-shot dogs, but we have a tough job,” said Rambeaux. “And besides, safety.”