Performance Artist Invites Local Women to Sleep With Him, Become His Girlfriend

PHOTO: KeithJustKeith

ATLANTA–Local artist Bruce Dallor has announced his latest performance art piece, titled “Together We’re A Part,” in which he will invite local women to sleep with him and become his girlfriend. Dallor says the piece is the spiritual continuation of his previous works, “Let Me Kiss You,” and “Oblique Boob Touch.”

Dallor, 25, gave an “interview” by way of recorded video selfie to his Facebook yesterday. “I’ve been looking for more ways to explore our relationships, men and women, you know, and then it hit me. This piece could be so big. It encapsulates the human experience, man. All of it!”

Dallor says his plans for the piece include taking the female artist to meet his friends, possibly putting his hand on or near her buttocks surreptitiously, then changing profile photos of himself to include her. The later stages of the piece involve mutually fulfilling sexual intercourse, and then proof on Facebook that the female artist is, indeed, incontrovertibly and unquestionably, the official girlfriend of Dallor.

“From there, we’ll just see where it goes,” Dallor said, then concluded his video by adding, “Obviously I will need to occasionally touch your boobs, and I’d like to see them too please. Okay, great! Let’s do this!”