Our Friend Bob Place will Save Christmas with Bad Words


Local hero Bob Place is putting on a one-night-only Christmas show this Thursday Dec. 17th at the Laughing Skull, and he’d like you to join him. We think it’s worth checking out. Here’s why.

If you’ve seen any Atlanta comedy, you’ve almost certainly seen Bob Place tell jokes. It’s easy to forget that you’re seeing standup, though, because Bob’s so good he makes it feel like you’re just listening to a funny, brash friend of yours making you laugh at a dive bar.

downloadBut it’s not enough for Bob just to be good at standup. In addition to many short films and sketches that comedy fans have been watching for years, his first feature film, American Dirtbags, came out in August and contains performances by some top level comedians.

Now Bob’s going to take his seemingly effortless comedy plus his talent as a storyteller and he’s going to swirl them together in a one-night only show with the solitary goal of saving Christmas. To quote him:

“…the over all feel of the show is irreverent, blue and brash with the spirit of South Park in that no topic is too taboo and no one is safe.”

Where will Bob Place take Christmas on Thursday? We don’t know. Probably somewhere terrible. But we’ll be laughing all the way. Come hang out.

Tickets start at $18 here, show @10:30, Laughing Skull.