North Georgia Counties Ban Snow-Hungry Atlanta TV Crews

Clayton, GA

CLAYTON, GA–Counties across North Georgia have formed an alliance this week to ban what they call “pesky, snow-hungry TV crews” from Atlanta from coming to North Georgia to obtain footage of snow. Land owners from the northern part of the state say they are “sick to death” of the “trespassing sensationalists.”

With up to a half dozen flakes in the forecast for this evening, the counties are doing everything they can to protect themselves from the roving bands of journalists.

The county alliance, calling itself the Snow Hunting Irritation Team, is headed by noted local farmer and cultivator of “country doins,” Woodrow “Pappy” Crabtree.

“Y’all don’t give two hoots for us all year,” said Pappy Crabtree, who owns land near near Ellijay, GA. “All a sudden a few flakes fall and your dang TV people are stomping through my garden to get some scary snow video to show to dang ol’ Atlanta.”

Mr. Crabtree then spit on the ground, and nodded once to show he meant business. He went on to say that he didn’t give “a tinker’s damn” for Atlanta and if “[we] packed up the whole thing and moved it to Florida it’d suit [him] just fine.”

Atlanta TV Crews will be asked to leave by local North Georgia Police, then ticketed if they refuse, and forced to help rebuild fences come springtime if caught a third time.


  1. Too bad they can’t do this! This is a violation of Freedom of the Press which is protected by the first amendment. I get where they are coming from but their personal problems really have no bearing on what is news.

    • This is a joke report. Besides, they actually could do this if they said it affected public safety, i.e. people coming out and driving on the roads to get on the news ect. It’d be something that would be fought, but they’d have a case to do so. If conditions were okay for people to be out in then they could not. Most importantly… this is a joke so be careful what press you are reading while holding on to that first amendment.

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