Neighbor of Guy Who Got Shot Enjoying New Career as News Interviewee

PHOTO: Tony Webster

ATLANTA, GA–Rhea Litistar came to the notice of local news crews when it was learned that her neighbor, Shay DiFella, had been shot in his apartment overnight. Authorities say people get shot so often in Atlanta, it’s hard to figure out things like “why,” or “who,” but DiFella is expected to survive his injuries.

News crews arrived on the scene moments before police and lined up to interview Litistar, whose apartment is right next to DiFella’s.

“Oh yeah,” said Litistar. “They shot him. Ionno who, but, yeah. He got shot.” At least three news channels have used a version of the previous statement in broadcasts.

Litistar was working a dead-end job as a cashier at a consignment shop just one week ago. She says those days seem like a distant memory to her now that she’s enjoying the glitz and glamour of life as a news interviewee.

“Sometimes I think back to how far I’ve come, like, now that my neighbor got shot,” said Litistar, who is seeking representation. “it seems like, like, a long time ago.” She says she hopes to audition for as many partially-scripted shows as possible in the next few weeks, and that DiFella could help with that.

Litistar asked if she needed more makeup, then continued. “I’m not saying that, like, he should die, or nothing, but, like, if he did die, I would probably get interviewed a few more times. So, I mean, like, if he’s depressed, or whatever, you know, like that.”