Movie Star Gushes Working With Director “Great,” Female Lead “Great,” Supporting Cast “Great”

PHOTO: Dave Fayram

ATLANTA–Up and coming movie star Chirp Triller said in an interview this week that working on his latest movie project, Comic Book Hero #432, was “A truly great experience.” Triller then took a few questions from fans over Twitter. When asked what it was like to work with lauded director Robert Farns, Triller said it was “great.”

“It was great. He’s great. Really just so great,” said Triller.

Triller’s career has taken a huge leap by being cast as the male lead in Comic Book Hero #432, and he said he hopes he’ll be considered for roles in Comic Book Hero movies #433 through at least #550. He smiled and added, “That would be great!”

When asked about working with Barbara Varre-Beara, Triller’s face lit up. “She was completely great. Just great every day. She was great. It was great. And it is great for my career to be seen with someone so great.”

Triller even took time out to mention his supporting cast and selected crew members.

“Our staff on Comic Book Hero #432 was great. The catering was great. The lighting was great. This interview is great. My pants are great. You’re great. Being interviewed is great. Working with the assistant director was great. The sets were great. The costumes were great. I’m feeling great. It’s great to be here. My hair feels great on my scalp. This is all just so great. Oh, man did I mention the EPs on this project? Because they were great. We got great funding, great support from the studio. They were great. Everything is great. And I think we’re doing great at the box office too.”